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uGalaxy Eye Massager- Used

Providing optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your eyes, OSIM uGalaxy – the world’s 1st eye massager with mood light is a new generation eye massager that utilises scientifically-proven mood light, music, warmth, airbag and vibration massage to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags and everyday eye fatigue.


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uGalaxy Eye Massager- Used

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5 Eye-dazzling features for bright and beautiful eyes

OSIM uGalaxy combines airbag, on, soothing warm air with scientifically-proven mood light and music to help relieve everyday eye fatigue for healthy and glistening eyes.


  1. Vibration massage revitalizes eyes for lively and energized looking eyes.
  2. Soothing warm air provides soothing warmth that helps to improve circulation for mesmerizing eyes.
  3. Delicate eye area is best massaged by gentle airbags that can soothe strained muscles.
  4. Temple massage can relieve eye fatique and provide beautifying effects, such as lifting and firming.
  5. Eye bag massage uses airbag compressions to help ease the appearance of puffy eyes and dark eye circles.



Relaxation music via built-in audio speakers

Studies have shown that music helps you to relax, reduce stress, sleep better and uplift your mood.

With the 3 unique music pieces delivered via the built-in audio speakers (without thehassle of external earphones and wires), the uGalaxy eye massager offers you both physical and mental relaxation at the same time.

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